hearts knit together

Lately I’ve been reading about unity, and how to knit your heart with another. I have always been amazed by the mechanics of knitting. It’s incredible how you can take one continuous piece of thread and by weaving it around, over and through itself create something useful, meaningful and beautiful. When two pieces of knitting are joined, the bond is strong and with the right technique can be seamless. People are knit together through life’s experiences. Challenges and heartache, incomparable joy, the little annoyances you learn to love, and most especially the quiet ordinary moments bring you together with unbreakable ties.

Knitting hearts together is neither superficial or a quick fix, but takes time, is lasting, and requires a part of you, a little sacrifice. In the same vein, the sacrifices of others become a part of us. We become who we are ultimately the people around us.

“No man or woman proceeds alone. All of us are largely the products of the lives which touch upon our lives.” – Gordon B Hinckley

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