puffed sleeves

“puffed sleeves!”

The first words she said when she put this gown on.

She gasped when she saw it, put it on immediately, and now takes the long way to bed while side glancing down at her gown as she walks, the side of a ruffled hem in one hand. This gown has sparked a surprising amount of imaginative play. She has fought dragons, nearly drowned in a lake of shining waters, danced at a ball as well as on stage, and goes through doors sideways. From the softness and color of the linen, and its perfect little ruffles, to the lovely tissue paper and ribbon it was wrapped in, it is complete loveliness and romance. More than you’d expect, for a three year old.


Jennifer, owner of Lavender Avenue, uses 100% pure, clean, USA made untreated cotton and linen, organic when available. And each gown (she makes pajamas for boys too) is thoughtfully handmade for your child.

Jennifer is offering a 20% discount for my readers to her shop Lavender Avenue. Just use the code CLOSINGAGAP at checkout for your discount.

She is also giving away one of her gowns to a reader. Choose between the linen gown (shown above) and the tiny white flowers gown. Leave a comment on this post telling me your preference and I’ll email a winner next weekend.

Giveaway is now closed.


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  1. abby says: Reply

    That is the loveliest nightgown I've ever seen! Would love to own the linen gown.

  2. Carri says: Reply

    I would love the linen gown

  3. LOVE the linen gown!!!! 2 die for!!! AJ

  4. I LOVE the linen gown!! So pretty!!!

  5. so beautiful. id save the linen gown for my future daughter.

  6. Bills says: Reply

    Love the nightgowns, they are my girls favorites pajamas.

  7. The linen is just darling, every little girl should be so lucky.

  8. So cute! I would choose the tiny white flower gown 🙂

  9. Jamie says: Reply

    That is so cute and so feminine. I looked at her post and she doesn't charge very much!

  10. I love the tiny white flowers gown! So darling!

  11. My daughter would love the Linen gown.

  12. Little Jane looks adorable! I would love to own one of these gowns. Both are so adorable that it is a hard choice but I think I would choose the tiny white flower gown :)!

  13. Love the linen one!!

  14. jen,
    your baby Jane is so precious!! the tiny white flower one is so cute!

  15. OMG They are both beautiful!!! Wish I could get this in Australia. I love the tiny white flower gown,

  16. BTW a big thanks to my fav Angry Asia for pointing me in this direction! NExt time I am in the states I am shopping

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