new light in a new home

A few weeks ago we moved to my hometown. Life has been filled with chaos, the technicalities and details of relocating four lives was much more complex than expected. I have been pleasantly surprised by the workings of time that have enlivened my eyes and heart to this little town and the memories that haunt it. Amid the boxes, we found small rhythms that made our new surroundings feel like home. Meals, story time and nap time were the anchors of our days. And as the last of the boxes are unpacked I try not to think of how temporary this little home will be. Of moving ourselves all over again just as it seems we have settled. I rely on the promise this summer will bring. Family, friends, and new memories connected to older, faded memories set in this quaint little place. A type of feast before we begin a fast from the comfort of familiarity. But then comfort never did give much for an interesting story.

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  1. So beautiful, Jen! Your words are poetic and the sentiments are hitting close to home. Love to you and yours!

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