A dear friend of mine had twin baby boys a few months ago. I knew how important it was to preserve the memories of those first few months for her. Those precious slow days that are the heaviest, most intense days anyone could experience. But they’re also the most fleeting, and tender. These little brothers are now smiling and growing what seems every time I see them, which is just about every day.

Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_13 Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_15 Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_1Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_3Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_12 Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_11 Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_6 Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_16

Stevenson twins_jenniferjohnson_18

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