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  • Pears en Croute and remembering Ginger.

    It has been 120 days since my maternal Grandmother passed away. It was an experience I anticipated to endure someday, but I couldn’t have known just how acutely it would affect me. In our phone calls the weeks before her passing she would mix up her facts, ask the same questions over again, and although […]

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  • udon noodle salad

    One of my favorite things about living in the same town as my parents is that my father invites us over for dinner. A lot. His first love is my mother, but a close second is food. Telephone calls always begin with, “What have you eaten?” Gifts are nearly always food related.¬†When he travels, sightseeing […]

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  • dry roasted muesli

    Clear, brisk winter mornings. The type that leave frost paintings on your windows and the sky bleeds a deep bright blue. Near the lake, the fog covers everything through the morning hours and envelopes tree branches near the shore with a frost easily mistaken for fresh snow. The calm of a winter morning is like […]

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  • making pumpkin noodles

    Cooking with children. The first time I let my daughter bake with me, I didn’t anticipate how much longer it would take than usual before we enjoyed the first bite. I also didn’t realize the mess that would be left. Admittedly I had the end goal at the front of my mind rather than the […]

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  • maple cinnamon almonds and kettle corn

    Some candied and spiced almonds mixed with our favorite candied popped corn in paper lined boxes for friends and neighbors. Our favorite part of the holidays is giving, even if it’s small. maple cinnamon almonds 8 cups almonds, toasted 2 cups maple syrup 2 – 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 […]

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  • gratitude and a no bake pumpkin pie

    A few things I am especially grateful for this year.. Two beautiful, healthy, and happy children. Four seasons to celebrate and eat. Acquaintances who have become dear friends. Learning more every year I attempt and fail at a garden. Knowing that children go through common developmental stages, (it’s not actual craziness). Having the strength and […]

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  • apple molasses cookies

    Martinmas. The evening was spent telling stories of selflessness, walking the neighborhood with candlelit paper lanterns in the chill of early winter. Warming the hearts of others with paper packages of glittering cookies and a smile, in turn warming our own hearts. The warmth of winter is love. apple molasses cookies makes 6 dozen 1/2 […]