I’m Jennifer Leung Johnson, a photographer located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I’m a creative delighted by the nuanced details of life.

I started my journey in imagery filling rolls of film on my parent’s cameras with portraits of the sky; subtleties and beautiful details have always captivated me.  In college I studied modern dance and was inspired how the nuances of movement could create masterpieces when paired with music, words, even silence; and how a simple step could hold impactful meaning.  In 2007 I started a food blog that initiated my journey into food photography and teaching cooking classes at local farms where the details of flavor, texture and process inspired me with every passing season.  As the years went by, my eye naturally gravitated towards the fleeting everyday moments I wanted to capture as my family grew.  This blog is where I share my thoughts and try to hold onto life’s subtleties.

I love to capture more than just the image of a thing, person or place. To still the moment where emotion becomes embodied is to capture a memory.